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Walmart Delivery.


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We have recently getting groceries and pharmacy from Walmart delivery. The experience is spotty but improving rapidly. The drivers are always courteous and masked. To their detriment, Soriana does not deliver from Chapala. With all the construction and quarantine, this may be a good option for many.

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23 hours ago, Upfront said:

last time i looked they did not inform you of items they could not deliver and charged for them anywy then made YOU go through the proces of getting a refund.

Now they call to tell you what they don't have and immediately refund the money. No waiting. The delivery fee is based on your location and how much you spend. I am a long distance so if I spend less than $1500, I am charged $39 pesos, more than $1500 that the delivery is free. 

They new system allows for pieces such as 3 tomatoes instead of guessing weight. I had a new person who brought 4K of tomatoes instead of 4 tomatoes. I think the driver pulls the orders he will deliver.  It's not easy training the people.


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Apparently, they do keep improving. I ordered online a full grocery order of a few dozen items, gave my credit card number as I saw no option to pay cash or cc on arrival (this may be a change as they did not bill until arrival), then got a call back an hour or so later offering substitutions for 3 unavailable items, 2 of which were fine for me, but Italian salad for Caesar wasn't what I was looking forward to. Order arrived an hour later (and an hour earlier than my scheduled window) by a polite, masked delivery person, who personally double checked the receipt in front of me before pulling out his credit card machine and asking for my card to make the purchase (maybe this is standard now to avoid the issues with waiting for refunds?). Anyway, the fresh shrimp was cold, the frozen salmon fillets still frozen and separate, and I only got billed once, receiving the email notice from my bank immediately after  the delivery person person gave me the store itemized bill and newly authorized credit card receipt. If they keep this us, I will probably no longer actually go into the often-crowded building.

   Separately, should I tip the delivery person? I usually tip all delivery, except not sure with a Walmart employee that isn't a bagger, so I wasn't sure. And I didn't notice their precooked foods being on the site (I could have missed that easily, as translating spanish to english on the fly is my weak point), and sure would have liked to add some of their deli items. Did I miss that?

Thanks for all the helpful information, and I hope I added a bit more continuing good news to this very helpful thread.

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