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Whither the Snowbirds?

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Whether it be buying cars, getting the latest home theater gear or taking medicines or vaccines I have found it is best not to be an "early adopter" but rather to observe the subsequent performance after the introduction of any of these.  We'll continue sensible precautions, have proven medication on hand just in case, and wait and see how the rather hastily developed vaccines do in the real world.

In any case, I'd rather be here in a small town with superb climate and readily available health care than I would be in a big city with the gloomy winter coming on.  

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Yes!  I was wondering if/when someone might recognize that whomever put that video together 'acknowledged' the wrong group for the song "Dream On".

You win the prize, both for paying attention to detail and for recognizing that it was indeed Aerosmith, not Led Zeppelin, who 'made' that song.   Good show!!!



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A Canadian couple has found themselves in quarantine, and at risk of losing their residency in Mexico, after a mishap at the U.S. border.  Barbara Moller and John Grant Howse own property in La Paz, where they usually spend half the year.  On Thursday, the Inveremere, B.C., couple loaded up their trailer with intent to drive down to the property.

Moller’s son had made the same trip in July, and because the duo had legal documents showing their address and legal residency in Mexico, they expected a smooth border crossing.  Instead, the U.S. border agent told them they’d have to pull a U-turn and head back to Canada.

“They said because of the COVID, we wouldn’t know where you were going in the U.S. or this sort of thing, so we have no way of keeping track of you,” said Grant Howse.

Things took a turn for the worse when the couple arrived back at the Canadian border crossing.  The pair were told they’d have to quarantine at home for 14 days, and were at risk of a large fine or jail time if they didn’t comply.   

In a statement to Global News, the Canada Border Services Agency said the Quarantine Act restrictions due to COVID-19 apply to anyone entering the country, no matter how long they’ve been outside.

The couple are now holed up in their Kootenay home, but say they could lose their Mexican residency, which must be renewed in person by Oct. 23.

“We can’t even book a flight until our quarantine is over, which is past the due date,” said Moller.  



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On 10/5/2020 at 1:43 PM, Kalik said:

Canadians who drive here, many with pets cannot cross the border into USA to get to Mexico.

That is being said a lot, however no one knows until they try it.    USA may easily allow "pass through" travelers to drive.   Same way that Canada is allowing folks from USA to transit from WA State to Alaska through BC by car - albeit with tight timelines, restrictions, and enforcement - which is fine and how it should be.

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On 10/5/2020 at 11:42 PM, johanson said:

I'm coming back lakeside as soon as I  can get my corona virus Vaccine, which Trump says will be out before the election which is about the 3rd of Nov.

I hope that it may be as soon as by the end of this year and not next year.  The one good thing is about being 75 and above is that we are on the top of the priority list for the vaccine along with hospital workers.

Well johanson, based on nothing more than my gut, it is my opinion that if you are going to wait until you have your TWO vaccine shots before you return to Lakeside my prediction is that it will be.... March before you return!

First of all there will be no vaccine before before Nov. 3rd no matter what you heard Trump say. Best estimate that I am hearing from people who aren't into introducing politics into our healthcare is that one or two of the Big Phar companies will have approval 'by the end of the year'. Normally that would just be the beginning but since 'they' are already making/stockpiling the vaccine in hopes/preparation of being able to roll it out, the first doses 'might' be available by Jan.1.

But, again IMO, if any Joe Schmo thinks that they are actually going to be able to GET their first shot around then, they are sadly mistaken.... even if they are, like many of us, 75+ in the year count. Hopefully a whole lot of folks..... like our healthcare providers and first responders and the like.... will be first in line. And then just consider HOW big an undertaking it will be for one company to distribute multi-millions vials of vaccine to  hundreds/thousands of 'middlemen' and then out to millions of doctors, pharmacies, and then we each get to 'stand in line' with another few thousands of folks wanting their Constitutional rights to the vaccine to be administered first.

Then also keep in mind that there *may* be a lot of turmoil and uncertainly in our country, both in the trenches and at the highest echelons, leading up the the end of the year depending on how Nov. 3rd goes. And no reasonable thinking person believes that we will know the outcome bright and early Nov. 4th!!!  Maybe that.... the delays that are going to come no matter the outcome....will be a good thing vis a vis the vaccine.... everyone in the government will be fighting this other battle and won't be messing around with the science of vaccines.

Anyway, good luck with your hopes of getting your shot early enough to return to your adopted home any time soon.

P.S.  Maybe you can get your hands on an early dose of that Regereron Pharmaceuticals' Cocktail. I heard somewhere that it was a 'cure' for Covid-19. 

P.P.S.  And just in case anyone thinks that I was calling our Pete Johanson a "Joe Schmo"....... I was most certainly NOT.

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The unnecessary introduction of one sided views of U.S. politics notwithstanding Pete, I would agree your wait for the vaccine is probably going to be significantly longer than you anticipate. 

And as I have noted, I'd think carefully whether or not I would want to be an early user of whatever they come up with.  Crash programs tend to have not so good crashes as you know.  Just as we older folks are more vulnerable to serious side effects from covid I would expect the same would be true with any vaccine for it.

And regardless of what happens in the U.S., the vaccine programs and introductions will be happening worldwide as the effort involves major pharma players from all over.  Mexico is already on board in the international effort.  You do not have to depend only on the U.S. here.

There really is very little covid in this area (148 total cases over 8 months out of a population in excess of 40K) and it is pretty easy to protect yourself.  I see from the news yesterday that although the case load is increasing mainly among the young, the hospitalization rate is going down as the young also are less likely to get severely ill. 

As you also already know, it isn't hard to avoid a lot of contact with the young here in geriatric lakeside.  IMHO it really is both safer and healthier here than the U.S. or much of Europe for that matter.  BTW, the weather has been stunning lately.  As usual.  :D 


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14 hours ago, virgo lady said:

That is being said a lot, however no one knows until they try it.    USA may easily allow "pass through" travelers to drive.   Same way that Canada is allowing folks from USA to transit from WA State to Alaska through BC by car - albeit with tight timelines, restrictions, and enforcement - which is fine and how it should be.

Canada did and does allow Alaskans to pass through Canada on their way home to AK.  However, a friend of a friend driving from Wasilla AK to his snowbird home in AZ was refused entry into Canada as he was not on this way home to his primary residence.  The Canadian border agent told him his vacation/snowbird trip was not essential.  

This happened within the past 2 weeks.  

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