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Please help with ideas,Transporting 2 dogs to lakeside from WI. Please help

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My wife and I were so excited to be making our final move lakeside with our golden retriever and lab. We have a 1 way flight from Chicago to gdl on Monday, and I just found out that since my golden weighs 92 lbs and his kennel weighs 29 lbs, they may not fly him.  Can someone tell me how I can get my dogs moved into Mexico? I have just sold my us cars and wondered  if any rental places rent 1 way from us to Mexico.   Is there a 1 way bus service that takes dogs?  We are so scared right now, and really hope the wisdom of the group can help.




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I have never flown with a large dog, but I know who has - your local AKC purebred club members. You should be able to find them on Google. Look for the local Golden Retriever club, but also look for really big breeds like Great Dane and Mastiff. They may have some good suggestions.

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