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Mammoths Graveyard- CDMX


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This should link because it is a Reuters story, not Washington Post


I thought this story, about finding the bones of hundreds of ancient beasts, at the new airport project, to be quite ironic. If you remember, this was the massive airport project abandoned by AMLO when he first came into power. Currently it is becoming overcome by vegetation and pools of standing water. Modern concrete beams and pillars, all abandoned. I wonder if hundreds or thousands of years from now that Academics will ponder with wonder at these remains. Wonder about a civilisation built upon the pursuit of fossil fuels, wanting everything faster and cheaper, while choking on the air they breathe. Air which is almost to the point of being on fire. Who are the primitive creatures stuck in the mud now?


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Oct 08, 2019

Google Translation:

"The recent rainy season caused the flooding of areas where the New Mexico International Airport was being built, in Texcoco

The flooding progresses on land of the canceled construction of the international airport in Texcoco, the rainy season caused the flooding of areas that were part of the project, such as the intermodal transportation center.

The surface destined to parking of vehicles is flooded, also the space where a passenger train would pass.

This entire project was planned to have controlled settlements, however, when it was already abandoned, the water that was planned to be present throughout the work, was going to be pumped, right now as the site was completely alone, since it was it is accumulating ”, explains one of the managers of a construction company.

The manager of one of the construction companies of the Texcoco airport says that the pumps and the drainage designed for the works stopped working.

There are already ducks and birds flying around, although that water is stagnant, we don't know what will happen, because it has no where to leave that water ”, adds the manager.

What was advertised as an engineering example is now a cluster of empty roads and paths, deserted employee dining rooms and abandoned construction camps.

On August 28, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that around 700 construction contracts in Texcoco were closed and liquidated.

The foniles or columns, the runways, control tower and other areas that were 30% complete, show growth of weeds and humidity.

The interviewees said that they should undergo preventive maintenance to avoid unevenness and the appearance of cracks.

There are 5 thousand hectares of land in Texcoco, where the destination has not yet been announced.

A few days ago, Gerardo Ferrando Bravo, director of the Mexico City Airport Group, said that it is planning to build an ecological park.

Gustavo Alanís, director of the Mexican Center for Environmental Law, said that the manifestation of the environmental impact of the Texcoco airport makes it necessary to carry out a restoration program.

The surveillance is in charge of elements of federal protection."


Engineers had drainage pumps and pipes to a water treatment plant for non potable water to be used for agricultural water in the area during construction and another more advanced drainage system after construction. It is undulated now because this system was turned off.

Also the apoximently 200 mammoth graveyard is at the Santa Lucia airport site which had no enviromental study done but the Texcoco airport had studies that took 20 years to do and pass all legal provisions before starting the massive project.

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