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Are there any absentee Arizona voter out there


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33 minutes ago, ibarra said:

Where does the "diplomatic pouch" go once it hits the U.S.?  Not everyone is from the same State in the U.S.  To my knowledge, votes are counted within each State so, the ballots have to get to those States somehow.

Everyone puts their ballot in a sealed envelope addressed to their local Elections Office.  

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The ballots go to the Dulles Postal facility where they are sent to your local election official per the address on your envelope.

I am going to repeat this information. You MUST return your ballot per the instructions given by your State and your local Election Official.

When filling out the ballot form, your MEXICAN mailing address should almost always be used. Again, your local Election Official is the final arbiter.

If you are from one of the following 26 states/jurisdictions, you can return your voted ballot by EMAIL or ONLINE UPLOAD:

AL, AZ, CO, DC, DE, HI, IA, IN, KS, MA, ME, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE*, NM, NV, OR, RI, SC, UT, WA, WV, WY*

*Nebraska voters must get their Local Election Official's approval to return a voted ballot electronically.

*Wyoming is currently setting up its email return system, so please contact your Local Election Official for details.

If you are from one of the following 5 states, you can return your voted ballot by FAX:


*Louisiana voters must get their Local Election Official's approval to return a voted ballot electronically.

Please note, you can use the email-to-fax service that is offered free of charge to overseas U.S. citizens by the Federal Voting Assistance Program.

IMPORTANT: be sure to format your .pdf as "U.S. Letter" sized paper. Simply email your completed ballot with the required cover sheet to fax@fvap.gov and it will be faxed to your Local Election Officials.

If you prefer, HelloFax is a popular service you can use directly from your computer. It is free for a limited number of faxes.

20 states still require POSTAL BALLOT RETURN. If you live in one of these states then you MUST return your voted ballot by postal mail:

AR, CT, GA, ID, IL, KY, MD, MI, MN, NH, NJ*, NY, OH, PA, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT*, WI

*NJ voters: New Jersey allows voted ballot return by email. The voter must then also return the original by mail.

Given that the postal systems around the world are severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis, we URGE YOU TO VOTE AND RETURN YOUR BALLOT AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT. Please plan to use a courier service or the Diplomatic Pouch.  See instructions on the Original Post.

Check your state's Secretary of State and your County's Election Official's Website for any specific instructions. Follow the instructions exactly or your ballot may be rejected.

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