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There is a couple who are making Thai food for delivery only.  It's the best I've had since I've lived here and compares favorably to some of my favorite Thai restaurants from NOB.  You have to order in advance.  They are open Wed - Sat 1:00 - 7:30.  If you want a delivery on Saturday you should probably order Friday.  


Priscila & Eduardo
Phone: 984 139 4977 (you can order on Whatsapp or call - English is spoken).  Here is a link Thai Food and More and here is the regular menu.  You won't be disappointed.


1. Tod Mon Goong (fried Shrimp cake accompanied by sweet chili sauce with mango) $75 pesos
2. Vegetarian Pad Thai $80, Chicken $ 90 or Shrimp $120 pesos
3. Fresh Spring Rolls $ 50
4. Egg rolls (3) $ 65
5. Sweet & Sour with fried rice $ 85
6. Pad Kee Mao (Rice and vegetable noodles sauteed with a black sauce, garlic, serrano and basil)
     Vegetarian $ 80, Chicken $ 90 or Shrimp $120 pesos.
7. Chicken satay with Peanut sauce $ 65
8. Green curry accompanied with jasmine rice Vegetarian $ 95, Chicken $ 110 or Shrimp $130 pesos
9. Coconut tapioca $50 pesos


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Once bitten twice shy. I don't generally like to give bad reviews but do it when it's really bad. Ordered our dinner at 11AM for 6:30pm. said he could do it. He phoned  at 6:45 to tell us we would get it in 2 MORE HOURS-yeah sure that's just wonderful! We are practically around the corner from this place in Chapala. Ordered from Domino's which has never been disappointing in any respect. Not interested in Thai any more because of this. Done without it for about 16 years so will continue to get my spicy fix from Magnolias who have provided good Indian food and good service every time.

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I ordered from them and loved the food, thought it was some of the best I've had in this area.  Care was taken with everything.

Eduardo did say they would like orders in advance, because they are getting more order than they can handle.  So I plan to order on Wednesday. I would cut them some slack at this point as they start up and figure out how run their business.


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1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

Lets see - a world class cuisine cooked homestyle, with love, skill, and quality fresh ingredients. Versus a factory made pizza, with industrial made meats and cheeses.

When we ordered it for 6:30 pm and he agreed and then phoned at 6:45pm to tell us that it would be 2 more hours we cancelled and had no time do do our own world class cooking to eat at a reasonable time, so we ordered a Domino's  because it was dinner time and we like it. Now you're trying to have us believe that you know all about domino's pizza.-SNORK! and jajajajaja!


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I recanted and ordered yesterday. He remembered the incident and apologized. We had  2 spring rolls,chicken satay, shrimp cakes and  shrimp pad thai. He provided extra sauces because I like hot spicy and my wife doesn't. Cost $360 plus $40 tip. Worth doing again.

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