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Salitre on ceiling bricks

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What do people use these days for salitre on the ceiling bricks? On my last house they used muriatic acid and sandpaper. They wore gloves and masks.

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As RV says, totally pointless unless you've solved the moisture problem above. And then it's still pointless to treat the salitre right away after the moisture issue, as the dampness needs to be able to escape somewhere once the roof is well-sealed, so the salitre will just come right back. But if it's flaking off on your head, I can understand that it might be necessary to clean it off now, even if you have to do it again.

Once you do treat the salitre with the muriatic acid, you can apply a sin salitre product, which vary as to effectiveness. Some I've found useless-the one I like is the Sika brand.

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