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Monday Market Lakeside?


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2 hours ago, RickS said:

.... and the difference is?


The differnce is that they have farmers that come to sell what they grow... Big difference. I know that in CHiapas if I want freshly grown local veggies that are in season or wild mushrooms or river snails  oTzintzin  can get them at the local market and if I want out imported fruit and veggies or produce that comes from other areas  and get distributed at the abastos I can get them too. Angus,  am French and I am picky about what I buy and know the diffence .. It is not a question of the grass is greener on the other side, I live 8 months of the year in CHiapas and live one block from the indigenous market there, I know what I buy and I cn tell you there is no comparaison with the tianguis from Chapala or Ajijic.

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I have been to the San Cristobal (Chiapas) tianguis and their indigenous market, as well as the Oaxaca tianguis.  They are as @bmh said, amazing in scope and variety.   In Chiapas we saw things we've never seen before (or since) throughout our travels in MX.  In Oaxaca there are numerous food stalls cooking all types of food from chapulines (grasshoppers) to tlayudas, not to mention vast mole' displays and the biggest variety of chiles I have ever seen in one spot.  

While Chiapas is known for its indigenous culture, Oaxaca is IMO the best food city in Mexico.  We've been there 3 times and anxious to go back again.  

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