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I tried to send some money online (500 pesos) from my bank account here to my bank account in Canada. I could do it recently but now a notice comes up that I have to go to my local bank in San Antonio Tlay. and present a number of documents first. Documents that show my name, RFC, CURP etc. But one is a bit mysterious they want my FIEL serial number. This all seems a bit odd as I have had an account at this bank since 2011. Has anyone been asked for a FIEL? 

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26 minutes ago, luvsdawgs said:

Yes, I found something like that with Google. 

I asked if anyone had been asked for a FIEL.

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1 hour ago, Bandol said:

Just to add to non-answers, I was sent one after I signed my worker up for IMSS a while ago but I have no idea when it should be used as I have never been asked for it,  

Strange. Maybe another example of Mexicans loving their paperwork.

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21 hours ago, cedros said:

I will ask about FIEL at my bank tomorrow. Odd that it has never come up before. 

My bank saying that asking me for a FIEL was a mistake as that is for wire transfers and mine was a "global" transfer.

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