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More excitement at Los3 Butchery!

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16 hours ago, Upfront said:

i looked in the window at casa regil near your place pedro because they were closed. very small 3 door upright cooler and a lot of wines. facebook page said they were open. they told me they closed just for a minute lol.

Even though they're closer than Los 3 Butchery I ain't going back. I went inside and talked to the manager. The meat is off to the side in a separate cooler and some of it had thawed.

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22 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

You claim to be suffering a debilitating illness which you say no Doctor has been able to diagnose. You eat raw pork and poultry, maybe the penny should drop, especially if you are immune compromised.

Another windstorm in the canyons of your mind. Ilegal in Germany since 2013.



Boy you sure are a lame payaso,again posting something totally irrelevant to this discussion in your haste to throw something negative against the wall, randy don chillin.  Once again reality seems to escape you. We are in Mexico not Germany. By the way I didn't have to google the German situation because a real live German told me.-SNORK!

pedro kertesz


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