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S&S works for commission...  They have a vested interest in you taking the deal offered. They benefit.  S&S operates a car buying service.  Basically a car salesman who works for you and gets paid by the dealer.

They are not a franchised new car dealer.  They aren't selling you the car.. the dealer is.   

Prices on the sticker are M.S.R.P.  ... that means Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.  It is illegal for a manufacturer to "fix the price" here just as it is in Canada or the USA.  As car salesman have said since model T's  " pay sticker ..it's quicker"  

So Daisy is 100%  correct.  If the dealer does not have to pay S&S a commission they can sell the car for less.. That is only logical....  Your ability to negotiate the better price may vary.

I have heard for decades there are no discounts in Mexico on new cars, while all of my relatives got discounts and free accessories oil changes etc. on all  their car purchases.  

Can S&S give good service?.. that is up to the buyer to decide if what you pay is worth the service you get. 

And as far as finding a driver to take your car in for a service appointment, or wait in line 10 minutes to register your car..  What you are willing to pay for those services is again a choice where one decides if the cost is worth it. 




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50 minutes ago, Spook said:

Important for everyone to know:  S&S has always been able to maintain same pricing as dealerships in Guadalajara - as pricing is fixed by the manufacturers.  Sometimes, prices posted do not show any rebates, and it's been the experience of some buyers that they are led to believe they are getting a better deal (but it's the rebate) and these rebates are available to everyone (whether purchased through S&S Auto or directly from dealerships).  And DAISY2013 - that is not true ... S&S DOES NOT get discounts on NEW vehicles from dealerships in Guadalajara - if they do, they pass that discount on to the buyer!   Plus, S&S only charges extra if facilitating purchases on USED vehicles from Guadalajara.  

This must be from someone working for S&S

Over the years S&S has spread the rumor that you can’t get a better deal than the one we give you. 

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Sometimes people just do not want to believe the truth.  Yes prices are set by manufacturers but rebates are not posted.  I worked many years for car dealerships and the dealers receive rebate of course different amounts based on the cars. These amounts can be passed on to customers.  Amounts always vary.  Think about this can a car be sold at the exact amount that is the MSRP and then offer you free service on oil etc.  someone has to make money for this service.  It cannot come out of his pocket.  He would go out of business.  It is that simple.  Most dealerships do give rebates, other keep it.  New cars are given to the dealerships based on new cars sold. The more new cars they sell the more new cars they will receive.


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In conversation with S& S  Auto in January they quoted $900.  pesos to drive your new car purchased from them  to Guad for service.

I have a new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid on order from Dalton Toyota since Feb. this year.  I want the Limited grade but it seems ordering a specific grade of a very hot seller ( Rav4 Hybrid ) is almost not possible. Has anyone else had trouble trying to get the exact model and grade desired?

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