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WANTED: US Plated 4 wheel drive SUV or Pick Up

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I have a family member who'd like to buy an American plated used 4 wheel drive SUV or pick up (for use in the US).  I'm aware it needs to go to the US for the purchase to be made there, but this can be handled.  Anyone have a good used SUV (or pick up) they'd like to sell?  Budget is up to $5,000 USD.


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Alex, it is not accurate to say that the vehicle must 'go to the US for the purchase to be made there'. Yes, it must go north/out of Mexico but the entire sale transaction can be done while vehicle/seller/buyer are in Mexico. I have over the years purchased maybe 20 US plated vehicles in Mexico using the following process, including 4 between last Thanksgiving and Feb. 1 2020. 

Here is an explanation that I posted on this forum just today:

Yes, the current owner is the one who procures the Retorno Seguro (Safe Return) from SAT or a 'facilitator' like Chapala Law. This document is ONLY necessary if/when the TIP has expired or will expire before the vehicle can be removed from Mexico. No 'letter from the owner' is required as the Retorno can/does specify who will be driving the vehicle to the border and no "ID" is required as the Retorno is 'heavily signed/attested'.  Lately SAT in Guadalajara is requiring a Carta Poder (POA) also, along with the Retorno.

Also a 'Bill of Sale' is not needed for any Mexican reason but only IF the US State where it will be titled requires one... or the new buyer wants to have one 'just in case'. This Bill of Sale MUST be valid in the State in which it will be titled, not just 'any old BOS'! And of course the buyer will need to have the current US title signed over to him/her and at least some US Liability insurance for when the car crosses into the States. 

IF the TIP has not expired, then the only 'document' that is required... or I should say obtained if one is smart!..... is a Carta Poder giving the buyer the right to drive the vehicle out of Mexico 'for the owner'.

While it is best if the new owner/buyer can be added to the sellers Mexican insurance policy I have run across a case or two when the insurance company would not do that but would create a new short policy for the vehicle in the buyer's name. According to the insurance agent the car is legally covered in this manner, especially since there is a Carta Poder and maybe a Retorno Seguro giving rights to have/drive the vehicle to the new owner/buyer.


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I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty 4X4 with 99500 miles on it. Washington plated. 

If interested email me  peteredwards052@gmail.com

I can give you more info. 

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Hi, Rick

Thanks for posting advice relating to buying a US plated car here in Mexico, and driving it north.  Sorry it's taken me this long to get back to you, but I hadn't been notified by Chapala.com, and I thought I would get an auto-alert if anyone had commented.

You obviously have a lot of experience in doing this.  My husband, Stu, is interested in helping our son buy a car to drive back.  Coincidentally, since I see you're from Colorado, that's where our son lives too.

When I get your email, I'll give it to my husband and he'll be in touch.  One question he has is:  What it would take to take back to the US, a car which had been originally from the US, but had been nationalized? 

My email is msalexg at me dot com.

Best regards,


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