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LCS Prueba México Program 2020


LCS classes are not first come first serve, they are first payed first served.

To sign up, make sure your membership is current and covers the duration of this course.

Registration requires payment. There is no refund.


Mexican day of the Dead class.


Course Fee: $400 MXN

Instructor: Alfredo Pérez

Course Dates: Oct 30, 2020

Course Time: Friday, 2:00 -4:30 pm

Course Location: Grass area by the gazebo

Min/Max Students required: 6/12

Enrollment begins Sept 05

Enrollment ends Oct 23.


We will follow the Covid with no exceptions.


Description: Mexico is not Mexico without its fiestas, and the Day of the Dead is nothing without a good thrill.


The Day of the Dead (actually two days) is rich in tradition and activity. For the visitor to Mexico it is wondrous and mysterious.


Come and learn about the significance of the Altar and how to build your own. Embrace the Catrina. Develop your skill of poetry as manifested through the Calavera Literaria.


Altar: Either built in home or around the tombstones, Mexicans entice their passed away loved ones to come back for a visit, so both worlds the living and the dead can enjoy a great celebration together. Let´s learn where this tradition come from, how they build it and the meaning it holds.


La Catrina: The grande dame of the Death represents what death means to Mexicans and how they face it. It was originally named “La Calavera Garbancera” describing a person who was ashamed of his indigenous origins and dressed as a European person who wanted to have a whiter skin. In time, this lady became an iconic image to Mexico´s culture of the Death’s celebration in the country.


Calavera Literaria: These popular poems mock not only death but our best friends and worst enemies as well.  After all, as the writer Guadalupe Posada said, “death is democratic,” so let’s not leave anybody out!

Let´s acknowledge where these traditions come from and why it is so popular among Mexicans. Also let`s get to make our own Altar to honored those who departure but remain in our memories and hearts!

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