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Spanish in Action (Español en Acción)

Spanish in Action classes are open to all current LCS members. Again, membership must be active to enroll and must remain active for the duration of each class.


In 2020, LCS updated its Spanish language curriculum by beginning a transition to a new program known as Spanish in Action (Español en Acción). Maestra Alicia Ordóñez is the developer of this course for LCS. She has 40 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a Second Language. She was a teacher and head of the department of Spanish as a second language at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG). She has been office administrator, and Spanish Department Head of International Language Center, San Antonio, TX. She has taught Spanish to executives of Mitsubishi and other Japanese companies. She is the creator of the courses and materials that the UAG uses in its Spanish classes.

  • Spanish in Action 1-A, Mon, Thu, 9:30 – 11:30, October 15 – December 07
  • Spanish in Action 1-B, Mon, Thu, 12:30 - 2:30, October 15 – December 07


At the Maestros Patio. (Former smoking area by the main gate)

Min / Max enrollment: 4/10

Price: $ 1,300 pesos per level.

Book price $450 pesos

Covid protocol will be follow with no exceptions.


Spanish in Action / Course Syllabus

Level 1-A
During the course, four language skills will be worked on: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral expression, and written expression. Grammar structures and vocabularies are taught in a practical and communicative way, as well as authentic and fun.
The final objective of this course is: the student will be able to express himself in the following situations with the present and future tenses.
*  Communicate basic needs: food, shopping, space.
*  Talk about your mood and those of others.
*  Give and ask for the time.
*  Express obligation.
*  Describe everyday objects, people and routines.
*  Handle things properly and with confidence in a restaurant or in the city.

Grammatical Structures.
*  Personal subject pronouns.
*  Verb "ser" in the present tense.
*  Interrogative words.
*  Verb "estar" in the present.
*  Present tense of the regular verbs
*  Contrast of the verbs "ser and estar".
*  Particle “hay” (There is, there are).
*  Verb "tener" in the present tense.
*  Verbs "poder" and "querer" in the present tense.
*  Possessive and demonstrative adjectives.

*  Useful phrases.
*  Characteristics and qualities.
*  The family and the house.
*  Numbers, date and time.
*  Fruits and vegetables.

*  Greetings.
*  Speaking of the family.
*  Discuss your house
*  How much does it cost?
*  In the market.

Required: Workbook 1

Level 1-B
Grammatical Structures.
*  Verb "tener que" in the present tense.
*  Verbs "gustar", "caer bien / mal" and "doler" in the present tense.
*  Present progressive.
*  Verb "ir" in the present tense.
*  Future tense (colloquial): "ir a + verb in infinitive".
*  Irregular verbs in the present.
*  Irregular verbs by adding “g”, “ig”, “z” and “y” in the present tense.
*  Special verbs in the present tense.
*  Direct object pronouns.
*  Indirect object names.

*  The restaurant and meals.
*  The body.
*  The clothes.
*  The doctor and medications.
*  The city.

*  At the restaurant.
*  At the department store.
*  At the doctor.
*  At the pharmacy.
*  Walking in the city.

Required: Workbook 1


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