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Caretaker for Senior with depresion and senil dementia

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Hi dear friend, I am looking for to take care of Senior people with depresion or senil dementia or any discapacity. I have experience in Mexico, Canada and USA, I am very healthy person,  you can call me at 3316 345254 in Mexico and we can talk, I am very well educated. I studied Filosophy and I practice it in my life. I like the harmony in all the extension of the word.. Any way I think we talk more by phone.

Thank you and have a nice day


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Have you any health care education or instruction. Any experience with dementia? I ask this because some people have the notion that dementia mean one gets forgetful. There are many people with dementia but no two are alike. I spent many years caring for persons with Dementia

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Newjeersey expat, you are so right. I could ramble on about the different types.i.e. not sleeping for 30 hours at a time, aggressive, difficult eating etc. Anyone with dementia should be cared for by professionals. 


There are schools in Guadalajara to become a geriatric specialist. It is a year and a half course and challenging. 

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