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Cleaning Shower Tiles

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I searched the topics on Chapala.com but couldn't find anything relevant.

I want to clean the scum that has built up on our tiled shower walls. I've tried he commercial sprays at Costco and Home Depot but nothing really seems to do the job well. I believe the tiles are either granite or marble.

Any suggestions please? TIA


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If your tiles are granite or marble, they may need to be cleaned by something made especially for cleaning stone. I would check with one of the granite/marble specialty stores and ask what they recommend.

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I too had this problem.  Master shower was like that when we purchased our home 10 years ago.  I tried everything under the sun including all of the above recommendations.  One day I tried Goo be Gone, or Goo Off, (found at Walmart), rough scrubber and a lot of muscle.  What was is going to hurt?  It worked!  I then used granite cleaner, polish and sealer.  No more problem. 


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LIMPIAZULEJO...... bright pink liquid I bought many years ago at the hardware store just west of Telmex in Ajijic (Jara).  Spray on... only  as much area as you can scrub at a time.  Let stand a bit.  Scrub with a brush (amount of elbow grease determined by how bad the scum!).  Use rubber gloves and don't get on bare skin. Rinse off well.

Then buy yourself a shower cleaning "blade"..... bought one at Walmart that's meant for glass shower stalls.... and "blade" off the water (walls and floor) after every shower. By doing this, I've not had to use the product since we moved into this last house 9 years ago!

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