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TexMex restaurant in Ajijic

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I notice lakeside a lot of the so called Tex-Mex dishes contain rice, this was not a staple of original Tex-Mex.  I think the restaurants use it to bring costs down.  In the old days in the Southwest very little rice was used.  The staples were frijoles, beef or chicken and flour tortillas.  To this was added cheese, peppers and corn.  From these basic dishes TEX-Mex was born.  Texas, New Mexico and Arizona were the states where Tex-Mex was first developed.  Many had input from Native American Tribes, like the Navajos.  Later tomatos and lettuce became available as well as pork so Tex-Mex is still evolving with new additions.

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Having owned a home in AZ for over 10 years and travelling extensively next door to New Mexico, both of these states' cuisines are vastly different than Tex-Mex.  

New Mexico relies on its locally grown chilies, including its renowned Hatch chile.  Santa Fe has perhaps some of the greatest restaurants in the US serving Southwestern cuisine, not at all similar to Tex Mex. 

Arizona serves mostly Mexican foods, primarily from Sonora which it borders.  


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