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What’s going on with Ilox, internet has been off and on all week long, and now no TV, in Ajijic centro. I think I am going to reconnect my Telcel modem, as a backup ...so I can watch Directvgo and Netflix on internet, I am paid up on Ilox till December, if things don’t improve I will cancel...

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I was having that problem in lower SAT about 6 weeks ago...persistent phone calls finally paid off...have been up and running consistently with great speeds since. Also since you are close, I would suggest a personal visit to the office there, Jessica seems to be able to make things happen.

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Ours went out yesterday, August 24th, about 11 am.  After multiple (answered) calls up until 9 pm, we were assured it would be back up and running soon.  Stopped by Ajijic Office today (August 25th) about 10:30 am and the kind lady at reception told us there was a lakeside outage and some got service last night and we should have service in a few hours.

We returned home in upper Ajijic to see 3 large CFE trucks beginning the process to replace a large cement pole.  We were told our power would be out about 4 hours.  Our electricity returned about 2 pm as well as internet.  We were so pleased until the internet quit AGAIN about 5:30 pm.  Called ALL possible numbers listed for ILox without any success.  ARGH!!!

Seems we aren’t alone in this frustration.  Drove by Ajijic TelMex Office to see what fiber optic packages they have but they are still closed.

VERY frustrated ILox customers right now. Does anyone have a way to reach ILox this evening?

Val  😡


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