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Applying for TR Following a FMM Renewal

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If your FMM tourist card expired and it has been renewed in Mexico under a humanitarian process you may apply for a Temporary Resident visa without leaving Mexico. The renewal will be for 1, 2 or 3 years. It is up to Inmigracion staff to determine how many years. These are higher financials vs what is required at a Mexican consulate. Only a few INM offices will allow this process. I have submitted 4 processes with INM in San Miguel as we "test" the process.


Your name on your financial statement need to be exactly the same as on your passport.


Financial requirements below are based on an exchange rate of 22 to 1 for US $ and 16 to 1 for C$. Therefore, the amounts are not exact. On-line financial printouts are sufficient. Financials will require certified translations. 


  • Investments ~$112,000 US / $154,000 C (20,000 days x minimum wage 123.22) with 12 months of individual statements, or


  • Monthly income ~$2404 US / $3080 C (400 days x minimum wage 123.22) employment or pension showing 6 months of bank statements, or


·      Offer of employment


There is a review fee of 1325 pesos plus the regular Temporary Resident fees and the amount depends if your application is approved for 1, 2 or 3 years. My fee is 3000 pesos. Certified translation may be anywhere from 1000 to 2500 pesos depending how many pages. 


Process time for your visa is about 11 weeks.


One parent may sponsor spouse and children once one spouse receives their temporary resident visa. In other words, only one person in a family needs to qualify with financials. On my web site www.soniadiaz.mx under visas / family is the process for sponsoring.  

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