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Likely it varies by state and local registrar.  I had some back-and-forth in getting it straight with FL.  Their standard form was designed for "mail ballots" and didn't adequately address Voters from Abroad.  But once I made contact with an employee in the registrar's office, we got it straight.  This was late last year and guessing it may be busier now with volume due to November's fast approach.  

I voted in the FL Presidential Primary in March.  The registrar sent me my ballot via Email; under FL law I could either snail mail it back or FAX it back (I could not Email it back).  I asked them to confirm my vote after I FAX'd it and they did.  

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We get our ballet via email from Florida. You just have to get in touch with your districts election supervisor and tell them you are abroad when you need to vote and they will email you the ballot. You print it and complete it and scan it back to them. Hope this works for the state you are registered in. 

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Ballots aren't ready until after the primaries and are generally ready in September. You do NOT want them to mail you a ballot.

Each state is different. Some states require that you complete a FVAP every year, others do not. Some allow you to vote in all local, state and federal elections, others allow you to vote only in the federal elections. Find out your state requirements. You must use the last address where you were registered to vote. All states allow fax, some email or Internet download for your ballot. If allowed, plan to fax or email your completed ballot back to your county election official. With the current nonsense, avoid the mail.

Here are some good resources:
Vote from Abroad

Overseas Citizen Voter - FVAP
https://www.fvap.gov › citizen-voter



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