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Register used horse trailer

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What documents are needed and where do I go in Chapala to register a used horse trailer made and purchased in Mexico?

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It may be very difficult to do.  Usually, the original fabricator of the trailer has to give you a factura and then you take that to the Recaudadora to TRY and get them to issue a license plate for it.  Hitch comes when you have no serial# on the trailer to give them.  I did this once for a trailer I built and had a lot of difficulty.  This is why so many trailer plates get stolen. You could always just use it without a plate or registration (like many locals do out in the countryside) but stay off Federal Highways.  I have been stopped with mine on several occasions in Federal Police roadblocks and had the paperwork checked.  Jalisco is a tough one.  Maybe you can buy an illegal State of Mexico plate??

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