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I am looking for a holistic dentist, natural health practitioners, and maybe a health retreat clinic in or around Guadalajara, for for a broken tooth, gum issues, hip issues and allergies. Preferably ones that speak at least some English. 

For dentists, I've searched for the following, and not finding much. I am finding ones in TJ and Mexico City, but not here:

Holistic dentists
Biological dentists
Also for these, or similar modalities:
Body workers - massage, shiatsu, trigger point
Cranial sacral
Energy workers
Vision improvement teachers
I found this clinic, I am also considering:
Getting a few leads here and there. Anyone have any other leads for any of those or similar practitioners or clinics?
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3 hours ago, oregontochapala said:


If you feel you need all that, California or BC Norte might be a better place for you.


That was flippant. All those things are available in Mexico, it's just a matter of finding out where and deciding if you want to travel that far.

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31 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

...it's just a matter of finding out where and deciding if you want to travel that far.

Thia guy isn't that far and always welcome the sugestionables.


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Holistic dentist---none here;  travel to Tijuana necessary.    Mexico has a long tradition in homeopathy; a very fine homeopathic pharmacy is in guad--Hasler.  Available here are massage and rolfing.   Join the facebook group Ajijic Chapala Spirit Yoga and Wellness Circle and contact Doug Reid for suggestions.  Sweat lodges here on occasion.


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Thanks all. I guess I shoulda clarified. I am from California and I've see some holistic-type places and events, like the one below, on some of my walks, and also herb shops, acupuncture, some interesting health devices, so I figured there's an alternative health kind of scene. Figured I'd see what else is out there. Thanks to all the helpful people.


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