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Who like to personally insult other posters, I think it is time we got beyond the crass insults and became much more erudite at it.  Hence, when I saw this it occurred to me immediately this would be a great addition here.  Enjoy!  :D 

Image may contain: text that says 'SHAKESPEARE INSULT KIT Combine columns prefced "Thou": ubbering bootless at-forling apple-john baggage barnacie bladder cloouted craven currish dreaming dizzy-eyed blossom clack-dish clotpole coxcomb tawning fobbing froward f-skinned -kidneyed sucked dewberry -dragon gorbellied infectious ool-born -gorged ts-griping witted gudgeon naggard mewling paunchy horn headed -breeding mugger oithead ewduster puking qualling reeky roguish ruttish maggot- motley-minded plume plucked measle minnow miscreant moldwarp reeling rude-growing pigeon-e spleeny spongy surly tottering unmuzzled venomed villainous warped, wayward weedy borne puttock pumpion ratsbane brained spotted strumpot wheyface'

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your insults.  Let's set to work on being impertinent motley-minded harpys!  :D 

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40 minutes ago, slainte39 said:

LOL.....Under the threat of "permanent suspension", what would be my status if I tried using these insults.

Thou tellest me!

You've been invited, "nay, dare I say coaxed".....by a MOD, to freely insult others within the limits of this tool kit, as I read it!   

So.....🟢GREEN LIGHT, amigo  (AKA, you fawning, idle-headed, vassal!)  😉


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27 minutes ago, happyjillin said:

I describe myself as a villainous rude growing lout. SNORK!

pedro kertesz also a swashbuckling devil may care bliss bubble.


5 minutes ago, Go Solar said:

With a rusting / corroding codpiece, per your previous comment?    😉

That's getting into the spirit of things!

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