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Culebra de Agua

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Courtesy of La Pagina newspaper FB page and Paola Watterlot.  I had always heard them referred to as trombas.  

PÁGINA Que sí se lee

🔴 Captan "culebra de agua" en el Lago de Chapala

Mientras caminaba por el malecón de #Ajijic la mañana de este martes 4 de agosto, la activista Paola de Watterlot captó con la cámara de su teléfono celular este fenómeno natural mejor conocido como "culebra de agua" en el #LagoDeChapala. Este mismo fenómeno natural se apreció desde otros puntos de la ribera, como en #SanJuanCosalá y en #Jocotepec, según imágenes que ya circulan en las redes sociales.

🔴 Capture "water snake" in Lake Chapala

While walking along the #Ajijic boardwalk on the morning of this Tuesday, August 4, activist Paola de Watterlot captured with her cell phone camera this natural phenomenon better known as "water snake" in #LagoDeChapala. This same natural phenomenon was appreciated from other points on the shore, such as # SanJuanCosalá and #Jocotepec, according to images already circulating on social networks.


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I would have loved to see it. I have been looking for years. I have seen two on lakes in Canada. They were quite noisy. They are also called Trompa locally.

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