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Milpa Corn?


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I suspect that the yellow corn being sold on the streets there is ELOTE--early, tender corn--rather than the DRIED corn used to make masa (corn dough).  Yellow elotes are not usually field corn, and you really want dried native corns for making masa--most dried corn is hybridized and is grown for animal feed.  


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1 minute ago, Upfront said:

yes this is elote. good for eatin.

Amén.  And you're probably seeing a lot of American-style sweet yellow corn, which has is being grown in several Mexican states and has become hugely popular in Mexico--as you said, for eatin'.


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I have found some land race corn on Mercado Libre. Which do think would be the better tasting source, Olotillo from Oxahaca or Criollo from various milpas. I was hoping for local, I will ask our gardener who is well connected with the mountain people of Ixtlahacan. There is a store there which sells/makes traditional masa dough, it is so delicious, but you have to buy a kilo at a time, and it does not freeze well. I want to buy 10 kilos of dried, then lime them and into my wet stone grinder, as needed. The stone grinder crushes the corn, better flavor than cutting like a food processor blade.

Thinking of goining with the Olotillo.


Ordered. Free shipping from Oaxaca. Seriously, these.land race corn advocates have to step up their game to make sure the milpa farmers are paid an abundant share for their hard labor.

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On 8/3/2020 at 7:40 PM, Don Anomino said:

Sort of peripherally related:

¿Sabías que hay 27 razas de maíces criollos?

Just FYI,


Don Anonimo, in fact there are 64 varieties of maíces criollos (aka maíces nativos), plus countless sub-varieties.    Here are the 64 varieties.image.thumb.png.489febd82801a8f7ff6640d44fdb9075.png 

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