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NO WALMART WEDNESDAY ! August 12, 2020

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I'm sure you all have read the thread/story that Walmart will no longer require face masks. I also am sure you have read the many stories, including this morning, how Dr. Fauci has again and again pushed face masks as a very good and necessary protection against Corona virus.

Walmart wants to avoid "confrontations" with people who don't want to wear masks. I don't want to have a confrontation with Covid-19 because someone doesn't want to wear a facemask.

If you want to see an excellent response to this Walmart decision,, you should read the comment by Mudgirl in another thread.

I suggest we send Walmart a message that we want the mask rule back AND enforced, including employees. Hire security people, maybe off duty police. Dr. Fauci says, think as if everyone around you, symptomatic or not, has the virus.

I suggest a boycott of Walmart on August 12th., and let WM know if the mask rule isn't brought back and enforced, we will shop in other venues.  Stock up early, use neighborhood stores that are usually not crowded. Plus, you will find much better buys in many areas than at the Chapala Municipal Market and often fresher.

I love the selection at WM, but not more than I love the idea of not getting Covid-19.

Let WM be a wasteland on August 12th.

For me, I'm in Chapala and will go to Soriana, the Muni. Market, and street fruit/vegetables vendors. It may cost more, but it's worth it to me.

If you agree, please support this idea by passing it on to others, especially Facebook and other social medias.

Best of health.



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I don't believe that is local as WalMart must continue to comply with Jalisco rules.

It is a rather long drive to go to a Walmart NOB so of course I'll be happy to boycott those from here.


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38 minutes ago, Eric Blair said:

I'm sure you all have read the thread/story that Walmart will no longer require face masks

No, "we haven't all read it" because it is not true and doesn't exist.      And this is not a lakeside or Guad topic either.

Get a life.

"Thread closed and deleted"

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