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Often trees are removed illegally on weekends. If you see a tree being cut down, take photos and send to the Ecology director with as many details as possible. Below is an abreviated article from the wonderful Laguna Seminario. The print edition has more details. I copied this because of it's importance.

Patrick O'Heffernan, Ajijic.- Three to five trees a month are cut illegally on private land in Chapala, according to Chapala Ecology Director José Jaime Albanes, and these are just the ones he knows about through reports and complaints. Many are on property owned by Expats who don't understand Mexican law concerning trees and other natural resources on their property.


“Trees are the property of humanity”, Jaime told Laguna, “they can give the property owner shade, fruit and other benefits, but they belong to the nation, and here, we control the trees”, noting that many property owners don ' t realize that even for trees on their property and behind their walls, they need a permit to cut, transplant, replace or even substantially trim trees… 

Find the full note in the print edition. For sale in stores in the Ribera de Chapala.



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