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20 - Kissing Bugs

Deadly kissing bugs

Previously only found in Mexico and South America, kissing bugs are now a growing problem in the southern United States. According to research from Texas A&M University, over 50 percent of kissing bugs in Texas carry the parasite that is responsible for Chagas disease, which can lead to everything from body aches to heart failure.



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15 minutes ago, sm1mex said:

It could be the beetle that kills the palm trees. 

It is very common and has been around a long time before the palm plague  

South American palm weevils, which are 2-inch-long, jet black bugs with long snouts are the problem. The bugs are known to prefer infesting and destroying Canary Island date palms, sago palms, date palms, coconut palms, and African oil palms. But they also feed on 35 other kinds of plants, and even citrus and avocado.The larvae eat the palms from the inside out, typically in the crown of the tree, which makes it impossible for the tree to grow new fronds and causes it to die from the top down. 

AA Palm 2.JPG

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Certainly looks more like an Asassin or Kissing bug than a Palm Beetle.  Chagas disease is thought to be what killed Charles Darwin. There are thousands of cases throughout Latin America. The most obvious symptom is lumps on the face and eyes. It usually gets to poor people who live in palm thatch houses, with no mosquito nets. It can detect CO2 emissions (breathing) from 20 feet away. They feed on blood from your eyes and mouth. It is actually their feces which carries the Chaga.

I would bring in a professional, or design a trap which emits CO2. In the meantime no hammock naps outside until they are gone.😀

Now, please tell me what is a Raintree in Mexico?

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