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Recommendation: Antonio Regalado Car Buying Agent

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Among the other things Antonio does ( he also rents and sells cars) Antonio will act as your inspector and agent when purchasing a car.  Based on very strong recommendations on Facebook from local folks who have used his services for car buying I had him help me buy a newer used car recently.  The knowledge and level of service he provided were simply excellent.

It was pretty obvious the seller was a bit slippery but as soon as he dealt with Antonio the games stopped.  First, Antonio and his mechanic inspected the car in high detail, pointed out several issues and advised me as to how serious and the cost to remedy.  He negotiated a fantastic deal with the seller, used a number of techniques to verify the factura was genuine and corresponded to this car, verified registration several ways, worked with the Acura dealer to get a second, highly thorough inspection and arrange for service and repair.  

He handled everything right up to closing and final pick up and check at the Acura dealer, including driving me in to GDL three times.  He also showed me how to save a lot on registration cost and handled all that as well.  

Buying a car in Mexico unless you go and pay big bucks for a new one at a dealer can be quite difficult and I never would have attempted to purchase from this seller on my own.  Antonio really made the process easy and got me a great deal.

His cell number is 331/804-8070

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