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Cartel assaults increase on foreign plated vehicles on Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey highway

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The best option in my opinion and experience is to travel in an official caravan from the CIITEV office parking lot to the checkpoint at kilometer 26 (even if you already have a TIP from a consulate or online). The caravan is led by two units of the Tamulipas state police and takes the Colosio route. Another good option is to travel through the city via Av. César López de Lara or Av. Reforma. Taking the Colosio route on your own seems to be more risky (although many do so and don't have any issues). It's also better to not have a large or expensive vehicle and not be carrying much of interest to the criminals.

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We took the Laredo Columbia Solidarity International Bridge (20 mins west of Laredo) on August 3, and took the toll roads the entire drive (about $70 USD in tolls). We split the drive and overnighted in Matehuala at the nice and safe (and very affordable) Las Palmas Midway Inn. No problems, felt quite safe but always aware of our surroundings. Clean gas stations and restaurants along the way.

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The cars involved could have crossed at any of the 3 Laredo area bridges.  Also we don't know all the circumstances of this video. Who shot it? They are speaking Spanish, were they tourists from the US?  Mexicans returning home from USA or only Laredo?  Type of vehicle?  Full of purchases?  and much more. 

The title says foreign plated vehicle   How do we know that?  Odd that someone was filming every car they passed....  And odd that more than one car was detained. And how do we know it's a cartel.... I see a police vehicle.

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