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Anyone have Air Plants

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My tree climbing days may be over.  Are there any low enough to reach? I have been to two viveros locally with no luck. I will try the ones to the West. 

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I have never seen airplants in the viveros here but I never looked for them , There were lots on some fruit trees I had but I cut them down and replanted other s so no air plants although I see a lot of them on the electric lines. Too high and too hot for me...

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Thanks for letting me know.  I've been to 5 local nurseries with no luck. I'll try the Cactus viveros.

Found them in online nurseries, but ship US and Canada only. No international shipping and I  wouldn't trust USPS to deliver before they died anyways.  I'm not sure live plants can cross the border.  Maybe I can find some baby bromeliads to put in the baskets I collected or onto the wall mounts I expected to use.

Anyone know where the orchid nursery Is? I know they can be mounted.  I am disappointed.

I'll have another glass of wine or go straight to the vodka. Drown my sorrows so they say. 


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On 7/27/2020 at 6:12 PM, artsnob said:

Almost all the Viveros have them, just don’t water them or they will rot

Not true. They like to be misted in dry weather. I have a bunch of bromeliads in a tree and they certainly don't rot in the long humid rainy season where I live in Sayulita.

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