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This morning my beloved dog, Honey, died from a stroke.  We had a ramp for her to get from the floor to the bed and back down because she had back and vision issues.  If someone has a pet who is old or crippled and could use this ramp, I would be pleased to offer it to them.  Vaya con Dios to my precious girl. 

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I went to a local carpenter learning center and aske the instructor if I could pay for the students to build a set of stairs for my small dog to use  to get from the floor  to the bed. It worked out well, and the students made money practicing with their carpenter tools. Everything worked out well. Oh and the instructor said that he averaged having the students make one of these about once a year or three.

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Thank you Xena.  My heart is bleeding.

Thank you Mudgirl for your condolences.  I had my ramp made at the Have Hammers carpenter shop where the students are taught.  I am not looking for payment.  I am looking for a pet in need.  It was a real blessing to Honey and made her life so  much easier.


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