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ILOX and streaming TV... I found a solution

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Well I have tried three streaming services and all buffered.  I have three different ILOX hookup available for data.  We have two 75 down service and mine is 300 down.  Lakeside TV is using a new system that has distributed servers and guess what it works great. Price is right but you must sign up and pay for six months. They offer sticks and android boxes. I prefer an android box as the remote is much better.  I know some of you with ILOX have no problems but all of my friends have problems with streaming television. I wish we knew why the difference. 

This system works with ILOX

Lakeside TV 
333 490 3429 
ask for Donald

I am not being paid for this just trying to save folks the frustration I have had with streaming television. 

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I agree with you.   I had a trial and no buffering and am about to activate my account.  Ilox doesn't control streaming bandwidth available outside their boundary.  If you pay for some service out of Timbuktu with a weak link, you can get buffering.   Google, FB, YouTube, and Netflix all peer directly to the Ilox boundary through a special server network, called a CDN.   Apparently Lakeside system uses the same CDN.  If your Netflix, Youtube, etc aren't buffering now, then Lakeside won't either. 

I have no relationship with Lakeside either.  In fact, one of my other IPTV services has started buffering less with Ilox, so its all over the map.   A CDN based service would seem to be more reliable. 


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