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We are exercising Eric, you might try it some time.  6 ft is the required distancing.  Some "person" took a picture of me at my Zumba class without a mask and posted it on Facebook .  This a class and none of us wear masks when working out and we stay 6 feet or more apart but we all wear them to and from the class.  There is a huge area around us, no need to come near us unless you are in the class.  

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At least the infection rate is low down there. I am stuck up north in Seattle. It is in one of the states where one has to wear a mask. It makes me feel  safer. When I leave my condo to go shopping about once per week, not only do I wear an N95 rated mask but also surgical gloves.

Supposedly an N95 mask does such a good job that it protects me or whomever is wearing one from virus infections. I bought them lakeside and see that they available up here too according to Amazon.  A couple of months ago, they were only available for the medical staff possibly working with infected people


Yea, I am a hypochondriac when it comes to the Coronavirus. .

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There's no reason why you can't do this safely but as it is an exercise class with elevated respiration I'd consider spreading out more, say at least double the usual distance.


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Not elevated respiration, just good stretch and muscle toning

at this point there is usually only 5-6 people so we are well spread out.

in the high season more attend so we will see where things are at that time

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