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i need a donation of home flea spray, if any can donate this to me, I live in Ajijic, 332  219 3667. Does anyone know where I can get Cedar Oil which is supposed to be non-toxic to pets? I have a 700 peso cat flea collar, but the cat didn't like it, best for indoors cats. If anyone needs one I can exchange that for some house flea spray.

I have a lien on my social security, because I was sick and my siblings did my 2017 and 18 taxes wrong. Does anyone know a good tax accountant or attorney who can help me get this straightened out? I also need someone to prepare my 2019 taxes, any help, or references to someone who can help with these would be greatly appreciated.

I am in Ajijic but plan on flying back to RI in early September. I am driving my van from Rhode Island, does anyone know someone who is a good driver who would help me with this? I plan to drive halfway by myself and then meet someone at an airport. Of course I will pay any expenses and whatever daily rate i can afford. From the middle of the USA to Ajijic, preferably someone who has gone over the border a few times and knows the ropes and red tape.

Does anyone have the phone number for the homeless dog shelter volunteers? The one where you make sure the dog is trained and suitable to send to the USA? I am a good at dog training, however, I live with 2 cats so the dog must be small.

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