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Time to shake it up with a slightly harder challenge. This place is off the beaten track and does not see many tourists, Mexican or foreign. I'll donate 1,000 pesos to the local charity of choice of the first person to identify the building and location.

First hint: Guerrero.






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3 hours ago, Izzenhood said:

Wichita Kansas-2.jpg

Angus is correct.  Ex-Hacienda del Jaral de Berrio in San Felipe, Guanajuato.  It is the present site of the Jaral de Berrio Fabrica de Mezcal.  What is unusual about this mezcal is that it isn't smoky, because they use pressure cookers to cook the pinas rather than over an open fire. It's a lot like tequila, but cannot be labeled tequila because it is produced in the wrong region, and is not made from the Weber Blue Agave.  They make at least four types of Mezcal; the inexpensive Jaral de Berrio mezcal, as in the photo attached, plus a slightly better version of the same, plus two types of Marques Mezcal.  We found the inexpensive version to be quite tasty sipping when we were visiting Guanajuato City and it was only $5 US per liter.  It is not at all harsh like most tequilas or mezcals.  It tastes best when drank from a proper vaso de chupito.


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