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OK, Lost, you have already broken two of the rules..... the only two!   No hints and only one picture.  You're going to get disqualified forever, for sure... and you won't get the prize that doesn't e

La Piedad is under 2 hours.    BTW, the idea of the game is to keep it moving.  It shouldn't turn into Twenty Questions.  Nor is it Stump the Band.  Time limit for correct answer is 4-6 hours, th

Excellent. It is the Catedral de San Juan Bautista. The donation will be made today. Gracias.

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That city looks nice, but the bull run.....seems cruel. 

Oddly for years San Miguel de Allende was turned down for World Heritage status because of its running of the bulls.  When they ended the event in 2008, they were granted World Heritage status.  

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11 hours ago, Izzenhood said:

It's hard to tell, but I'm guessing that Bisbee Gal is enjoying Chapulines in her meal, in Oaxaco.


Nope.   Hint: it was brought to Mexico by Middle Eastern immigrants.  

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Tacos Arabe in Puebla.  Similar to tacos pastor, tacos arabe are served in a thicker pita style flatbread.  Best tacos I have had in Mexico thus far.  Here is link to story, 



The taco árabe, or “Arab-style taco,” is perhaps the most popular fast food in Puebla. Introduced in 1933, the Middle Eastern take on the tortilla-as-delivery system features sliced, spit-roasted pork wrapped in pita-style flatbread. Diners then typically add salt, lime juice, and salsa to taste. “To come to Puebla and not eat a taco árabe — a dish that’s reached its silver anniversary — is like missing out on mole or a cemita,” the magazine La Intolerancia says in a 2008 cover story on the subject. In other words, skipping the experience would be a sacrilege.


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