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Alicia's assisted living in La Floresta


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Just now, Kyle said:

Looking for placement for a friend .  Please PM me if you have any experience with this facility or know someone who has.

appreciate any info

She has 3/4 facilities in La F which care for different levels of needs. Myself and other friends have only very good things to say about her and her staff. It is important to check first hand and discuss what care your friend needs. As is the case with any nursing home here or NOB "thinks" some time happen. If you do not feel comfortable "with the surroundings" then move on to look at others

Important . Mexico is not a dumping ground for the elderly and someone needs to be available (an advocate) at all times to make regular visits. Maybe being able to have someone one the staff to communicate with is the failure 

Remember one of the reasons Mexico is so  affordable is the homes do not have the same number of "qualified" staff on hand as mandated in facilities NOB and their  cost/overheads etc are considerable less expensive. Some have limited English speaking staff. Generally speaking there is never any shortage of tender loving care , maybe it is one of the maids or other help that can make a big difference to the comfort of the patient. Good luck

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There is a new facility opening up in September in Riberas.  It is small and health conscious -- only enough rooms for 6 people -- but with a nice garden and plenty of space. They are offering food and partial or semi assistance (but it's not a fully assisted living facility). It will be managed  by two ladies with experience -- one is Mexican and the other is from the Philippines who has a degree in nursing.  They are both very good at housekeeping and good cooks as well.
For more information send an email to: FrriendlyLivingLakeside@gmail.com
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