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Long Distance Bus to Puerto Vallarta


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9 hours ago, Upfront said:

bus to the alamo, taxi to the station

Don't forget, you are going to the Camionera Nueva.... because there is also a bus station near Walmart in  the city, worth of "centro".... Camionera Central or Camionera Vieja.

If you don't have too much to carry and don't want to pay taxi from Alamo, look for bus #619... but CHECK with driver because this info is about 20 years old and may have changed. Buses used to be allowed into the ring road at the   Camionera Nueva, but last time I was there they had to stay outside gates, so you will walk a short distance.  Taxis can go right to bus terminal you need.

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Ive done it a few times and used uber. There are lots of Ubers in Guad. Lately running around Guad the wait for arrival of an uber has been just a couple of minutes. If you have never used Uber then ask your friends for their Uber referral Promocion code (everybody has one) or look online and you will get credit to cover the first ride or even a couple. Soriana had a Code for I think it was 150 peso credit and thats enough for a few rides inside Guad.

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1 minute ago, RickS said:

I"m not sure I'd want to be riding a bus or Uber at this point in the game....

Good comment.      Can always taxi to the luxury coach terminal.         Uber is running US & C ads on TV emphasizing sanitizing of each of their rides and also saying "No Mask, No Ride"....as with everything, needs to be followed thru on / enforced of course.....

The luxury coaches have great seat spacing, still keep a mask on however.

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