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Just received an invoice from telcel for the purchase of a phone.  Problem is, did not buy a phone.   Name and address correct on bill.  No signatures at bottom and address is a year old.  My concern is that the information of name address and telephone number would have been only available at Anna’s the Telmex Distributor next to Alexs Pasta place in Ajijic.

i understand this location has been comprised a couple of times so thinking the information was derived from a stolen file.

no actual charge to a credit card as yet and there would have been none on file with Anna.

tried contacting telcel but could not get in contact with a real person.  Visiting Anna not an option.   Anyone have success in finding contact information with a real live telcel person?  And, curious to know if this is an isolated incident.



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You mention both Telcel & Telmex.   I am assuming you have Telcel.  

Llámanos sin costo desde tu Amigo Telcel al *264  if you have the AMIGO PRE-PAY  

marca al *111, si tienes un Plan de Renta If you are billed monthly.


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