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They say they'll be back, hope so.  Wonderful food for the past 14 years, wonderful family. 

From their FB page



Queridos amigos, El Jardín de Ninette cerrará sus puertas por un tiempo, ya que creemos que es momento de reinventarnos y cuidarnos.
Han pasado 14 años de nuestros inicios y queremos agradecer a todos por su apoyo y cariño a lo largo de esta experiencia, por eso los queremos invitar a nuestra cena de cierre este Domingo 12 de Julio.
No queremos despedirnos, ya que sin lugar a dudas volveremos, una vez que esta contingencia sanitaria, nos lo permita. Mientras tanto, seguirán escuchando a cerca de nosotros, pero en otros proyectos y conceptos gastronómicos.
Los esperamos con muchas ganas de dar un ultimo baile, en nuestra casa por los últimos 4 años.
Gracias por todo, cuídense y no se olviden de nosotros!
Dear friends, Ninette's Garden will be closing its doors for a while as we believe it's time to reinvent ourselves and take care of ourselves.
It's been 14 years of our beginnings and we want to thank everyone for their support and affection throughout this experience, that's why we want to invite you to our closing dinner this Sunday July 12th.
We don't want to say goodbye, as we will definitely return, once this health contingency allows us to. Meanwhile, they will continue to listen close to us, but in other projects and gastronomic concepts.
We look forward to giving you one last dance, in our house for the last 4 years.
Thank you for everything, take care and don't forget us!





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Oscar says they are planning on upping their game and making improvements to their current location or moving to a new location that they have found here. We first met them in their old location next door to where Elegante is now the night we first arrived in Ajijic. Wonderful family from their parents through their children! We will miss them while they are on sabbatical writing a cook book and selling real estate!

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