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Recommendation for a Plumber


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Yes, our very good friend.  Very honest, hard working.  A person on this board had a plumbing problem which 2 others never could find the problem after money and time never solved.  I recommended Jesus and he went out and the person said he found it quickly, fixed it and was finished and the price was good.  They were very impressed.  Builds homes from raw land.  Plumber, electrician, iron work, contruction, everything.  Has built many houses here.

Jesus (Chuy) Jiminez  331 048 5343  speaks english.  If you need more detailed reference, you can call me at 332 055 6255


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Speaking of plumbers, I can also share with you who not to use.  I have used a guy off and on for two years.  His quality has diminished drastically as of ten days ago.
 I had a leak beneath my sink and he replaced a gasket going from the pipe into the wall.
Next day, my wife went to replace things under the sink when she noticed the sink was still leaking. Turns out he had put electric tape around the U shaped pipe.  Now I know why he has ignored my calls and three emails. 
New Plumber today unwraps the tape and said the pipe is cracked. 
 PM me if you want to know who this was. 
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I have used more than 10 different plumbers-many aren't very good. Jose Luis Gonzalez is a smart one who can fix almost anything. He speaks English and he isn't expensive.  331 326 4662. If he sends one of his sons-they are still learning. I doubt if any of the local plumbers have had proper training.

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