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Auto Body shop warning

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Auto Body Shop warning

I took a while to post this warning as I needed time once back in Canada to get everything accessed.  I will also make this a short as possible.
I took my car to  an Auto Body shop @ Hidalgo , Riberas del Pilar on March 9th. On the morning of March 10th I got a phone call from them saying that they set the right rear section of the car on fire. xxxxx drove to my home and picked me up to go to their shop to inspect the damage.
The damage was incredible. The area where the fire was is the rear aircon unit and a main wiring harness. The interior cowlings were melted, wires melted together.
xxxxxx and I discussed how it happened and agreed when they were grinding the car fender sparks went through the small hole they had drilled in the body. These holes were for pulling out a dent. He said they smelt something strange but did not check. When the smell got stronger, they finally opened the back of the car and saw that the right side was on fire.
OK, accidents happen.
 At this point he made a comment that we could split the cost of the repair to which I did not answer. He stated it would cost about $70,000.00 pesos to fix and if we split the cost, he could get the parts ordered. I said no way was I paying half as my car was in their trust. I had phoned my insurance company to come and inspect the damage as a way of getting something officially on paper. The insurance company would not pay for the damage, which I assumed they would not as it happened in the Auto Body shop. Again, I told xxxxxx that he is responsible for the damage and he agreed and said he would fix everything. Again, this was March 10th.
On March 12th he told me the parts were not in Mexico but in San Diego and would need to be shipped. He said he orders from a parts dealer in Guadalajara. He said they were ordered. I then asked him that he had also ordered a new wiring harness. Yes, he had ordered one.
I kept talking with him in the days and weeks ahead about the arrival of the parts and he would just say they haven’t arrived yet. Then at the beginning of April he told me that in fact the parts were not ordered and due to the Covid19 situation Guadalajara was closed and he could not order the parts.
To make this short, yes the story would be even longer, it took a threat from me of going to see the Presidente of Chapala with all my evidence to get this settled. This was on April 29th.  The next day he told me that actually yes, the parts store in Quad was open and he was there ordering the parts and they would be here in a week. Interesting how it suddenly opened. I still had to order the cowlings in Canada. xxxxxx did give me the pesos to pay for the cowlings.
While all this was going on my employer in Canada told me I needed to be back for work by April 30th or I would lose my casual status and job. I also had told xxxxxx this many times.  I lost my job.
I did not get to leave Lakeside till May 12th. When I got back to Canada I was having electrical problems and when the mechanics ( 3 ) saw what they had done with the wiring they all said I need to get rid of the car as ALL the wires had been crimped together and was very dangerous as well the continued problems there would be. So far the repairs here in Canada have cost me $1000.00 and I am not finished.
So please be aware and make your own decision about this auto body shop. I will say the dent repair was good and shit happens but honesty and integrity should be of value and this company tried to out wait me. I should of never had to threaten to have to get the Presidente involved. Once I did it was amazing how all of a sudden things were open.

The last 2 pictures are of what they told me were a new wiring harness. 


IMG_20200310_150759 (2).jpg






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Welcome to Mexico.

I have been here 16 years and have been screwed by businesses, including attorneys who I paid good money to help me, more times than a $5.00 hooker on a liberty weekend in a military port ciity.

Sometimes it is an honest mistake, but usually it is "Screw the gringo, they can afford it," and there is nothing you can do about it. Right now, I have a dislocated finger due to a shop telling me they had fixed my generator when they did nothing to it than put a new starter cord on it and charged me $700.

Most Mexicans are honest, hard-working and fair, but it's hit and miss. 

Sorry  for your problem.

Good health to you.


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31 minutes ago, TelsZ4 said:

What is the point of you posting “Auto  Body Shop Warning”  if you don’t have the balls to name the body shop.

He had no problem doing so on TOB.

"I took my car to Mauricio’s Auto Body shop @ Hidalgo 79-81, Riberas del Pilar on March 9th."

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1 hour ago, AngusMactavish said:

He had no problem doing so on TOB.

"I took my car to Mauricio’s Auto Body shop @ Hidalgo 79-81, Riberas del Pilar on March 9th."

I never read TOB.  Good to know, not that I would ever take my vehicle there anyway , if he had done a little research he would have noticed that most recommended body shop is the one just past the Waffle House,  Lakeside Auto Body. ?   They are not the cheapest in town, but they do really good work..

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2 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

Definitely agree about Lakeside Auto Body.  Consistent good work, reliability and fair, not the cheapest, prices.


You're not kidding. Lakeside's quote for minor body work and a complete paint job $45,000 pesos. Dropped to $35 when I told them I was going elsewhere for $25,000. And yes the Bodyshop in SAT did a great job. I was very happy.


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 You are an absolute bonehead. As usual you assume that you are the smartest.

First, in this forums board the posting rules state that you can not post a companies name or address. 

Per request:

1. Do not question or attack moderation on a public thread. Complaints about moderation should go to the moderator in question or to Admin Chapala.

2. If you have a negative experience with a local business or professional, do not post the name of same directly but advise readers to PM you for that information.

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I also did research and the comments about this body shop were excellent. 

 If you read my post correctly I said that the body work was great. Not so great was there response to the accident that happened. 

4 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

He had no problem doing so on TOB.

"I took my car to Mauricio’s Auto Body shop @ Hidalgo 79-81, Riberas del Pilar on March 9th."

Didn't have a problem because they don't stipulate that you can not use a companies name.  


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