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and most of it goes nreported so you can magine how many more cases they are and how many more deaths.. Yesterday alone I heard from a friend in Chiapas , he lost 2 friends in Mexio city, not reported. Another friend from Mexico city told me of his friend in his mid 40´s who died followed by his 20 year old son the following day. His wfe is vey sick and the daughter has a mild case of it. None of them reported. They went to be checked but there was no test available.

Another friend fro CHiapas told me yesterday, she has been sick for a week with fever, cough and lack of taste.. she got it from her teenage son last week, her husband just got sicj and same with her daughter in law and her brother... and so on and so forth. 

I hear the sme stories just about every day... the undercounting is huge..  Most indigenous communities will not eport nor go to the hospital so there is a large segment of the polpulation that is under the radar.. so to speak..

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