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My beloved Sanyo internet radio died last year after about 17 years of great service.  No one has been able to fix it anywhere around here.  So now I'm looking for recommendations for a replacement.  The old radio could search by country or by genre or both, ie, genre within country.  That worked just fine for me.  It cost about $150 USD way back then.  There are dozens of brands and models of internet radio available on el Mercado Libre.  So specific recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I even noted that some of the radios for sale only play their own proprietary stations...not interested.  Actually, for all those years, that old Sanyo was pretty much exclusively tuned to WNYC, public radio New York City.  Thanks for helping in advance.

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... or WBUR Boston NPR radio.

El Toro, my question is..... why invest in a 'radio device' when more music/information than one could possibly listen to in a lifetime is available using.... The Internet. Play on your desktop, your smart TV, your smart phone with earphones or casting to anything that accepts bluetooth, etc etc

I have a small 'receiver' device.... Aomais.... that accepts direct connect to say an iPod or via bluetooth to anything capable of broadcasting with said. Fantastic sound for such a small portable rechargeable device (4"/10") and is even waterproof in case it falls into the pool. Mine is orange so hard to misplace it!!!

Or use something like the following, broadcasting 25,000-odd radio stations:     https://www.internet-radio.com/

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El T,

I feel your pain, my Logitech radio (discontinued) gave up the ghost and I was not able to find anything that I like as well. I used mine as a bedside radio so many of the available internet radios are just not a suitable replacement. I settled on an 8" Lenovo Smart Display but it is, at best, a weak replacement and I think that it, too, is being discontinued.   

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