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A man called Alvaro & dogs

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Someone on the Malecon told me about at man named Alvaro who has small rescue dogs in some town near but outside of Lakeside, Ajijic. (don't have a car so...)  I cannot find anything about him on the Web. Yes I have contacted Lucky Dog. I know what I want or will when I see him or her since this is a big commitment for me.: under 10 pounds, no flat pug nose (may fly) non shed - a Yorkie would be great Any age. I do need my heartstrings pulled. Thank you. 

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I do not believe he is allowed to have dogs anymore, feeds the cats and street dogs. Have you checked with Susan at the Friends of Animals, Cari LeClair with Bone Voyage, (they usually have some small ones),  the Ranch, or Stray Dogs of Mexico. There are others and many are in foster right now due to the virus. Post what you are looking for on :








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Thank you all but finding what I want is near impossible since Clovid I gather. My timing is off. I finally get a house done and can have a dog, KNOW what I want. Yes, I have tried the locals. I will know him or her when I see them. I know this sound impossible but:

I am interested in a male dog already house broken/trained who is at least a year old. PREFER MALE but would consider FEMALE

1- Under 10 pounds!  

2- Hopefully already house trained but    

3- no shedding/low maintenance

4- little barking 

5- loving (Love will be returned 10 times more!)

I am looking into mixed breeds of Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Havanese, Maltese.

I am looking for a CUTE dog, but beauty of course, is in the eyes of the beholder. I am older and have been diagnosed with PTSD, so this would be an emotional support dog as well. His or her job is to love me. I LOTS to return.  I CAN BE FLEXIBLE (except for the size, shedding & pug nose.)


PS- I have been  through a lot so I take this seriously!





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Be patient. Your canine companion will be there, but it may take a little time. Watch the local Facebook pages, leave this information with the shelters listed above and check back occasionally to let them know you are still looking. When you find your dog, let them know so they can take you off their list. Bien suerte.

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