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Different when the shoe is on the other foot?

Ironically, the people paying the price for all this hysteria on both sides of the border are those who live in the many sister cities along that border where there has been a long tradition of legal traffic in both directions for shopping and working.  Just more of the collateral damage no one wants to talk about.

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Days after the Sonoran governor announced a halt to nonessential southbound border traffic, the governor’s office has decided to make an exception for certain travelers headed to Puerto Peñasco.

Border checkpoints will remain in place in Nogales, Agua Prieta and San Luis Rio Colorado, turning away travelers from Arizona who aren’t engaged in essential activity, such as work activities or seeking medical care.

But the Lukeville/Sonoyta crossing will allow passage to Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point or “Arizona’s beach,” according to the office of Sonora Gov. Claudia Pavlovich.

Only travelers with proof of a confirmed reservation at a hotel or resort certified in proper COVID-19 protocol will be permitted to pass the checkpoint, according to a Friday news release.



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OK previous to this if you have a U.S. passport and are traveling by car the U.S. is letting you in.  Any change to this?

And returning, if you are a residente permanente the Mexicans are allowing you to return.  Also, any change to this?


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No changes for land crossings.  Going north at US Immigration. US passport, US residency card, Canadian passport transiting USA, or verified reason to enter USA ie;  Dr. apt, work,  legal reason. No tourism.

Going South Mexican passport, Residency card, Medical apt, work, legal reason. No tourism (but they have been letting tourists in and issuing FMM's in some entry ports)

The OP's post regarding entering from Arizona was for the 4th of July weekend. 

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