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Of course. They are Ajijic Electronics. Always advertise in Ojo de Lago. There is  another technician, Eric,  but he is booked for the next month. His business partner, Adrian, does computer repair and basic security. He is also in high demand, of you want I can send you their contact data.

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On 6/30/2020 at 7:57 PM, thevalerieleigh said:

Yes, please.


Val  :)

We have used Adrian for several years and he is more than capable of many things including  complex security and whole house sound systems. He came here on Sunday of this week with my printer ink, put it in and then set up our smart TV so we can watch Youtube. He is reliable and lets you know if there is a change in appointment time. Just some of the things he has .done for us: built 2 towers one with Windows 7 and the other with Linux,hard wired wife's tower directly to modem. spent time with both of us until we could operate on our own, installed the new Infinitum modem and many more things over the years. Adrian's cell # 331-064-8578. Ajijic Electronics, Michael Merryman. best to call before noon. He does our Shaw. They repair electronic devices including my 70's cassette player. And he set up our entertainment unit including our smart TV, cassette player ,turntable, sound bar,dvd player and central control box. Phone:376-766-1117

pedro kertesz

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