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Overstayed Tourist Visa 3 years- flying out on the 1st


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Does anyone know if the immigration booth is open at the tijuana airport so that I can pay my fine before flying out of the country?

Has the fee for overstayed tourist visa (3Years) changed? I am assuming from what I have read that I will need to obtain a new FMM before my flight. I am from Northern Ireland and not trying to enter the US and come back to renew it. I am just curious of what I am looking at paying.

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There isn't a "fine" for an overstayed visa. As far as I've ever known, they charge you whatever the cost of a tourist visa is. Do not show them your 3-year overstay visa. Tell them you lost it. 

And next time you go to a country not your own, show some respect for the laws of that country.

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 The worse case scenario is go to the airport a little earlier than normal. The airline may ask that you have a current FMM. If so, they will direct you to immigration nearby to pay 575 pesos for another FMM. 


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