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Neurologist recommendation

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Looking for a neurologist recommendation. I have been referred to Dr. Valle at Quality Care who is apparently stranded out of town due to travel restrictions and no idea of when he'll return and start taking appointments again. Also to Dr. Varela, who I was told had passed away when I contacted his number. Any suggestions? Would prefer lakeside and not to travel to Guadalajara at this time. But if that's the only recourse... Gracias en adelanto.

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I would recommend Dr. Ernesto Gibau Romo, who is associated with  Hospital San Antonio.   My husband has advanced Parkinson's and saw another doctor at lakeside.  Dr. Romo was so kind and never spoke down to my husband, he came from behind the desk and talked with my husband.  He looked at the numerous test results that I brought and determined not to do anymore tests.  He changed some meds and walked us to the car.  On another visit, he hugged him when we came in and adjusted meds.  He has made a positive impact in my husband's life.  He is concerned with the quality of my husband's life and not longevity so much. 

His contact info is 3813 3040

044 333 440 1178

or call SA Hospital

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14 hours ago, Kyle said:

Dr. Cardenas at S A Hospital he comes from Guad.

If this is Dr. Ruben Cardenas I recommend him. He treated my husband. It's terrific to know that he comes now to SA Hospital. We saw him in Guad.


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